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Research. Relationships. Results.

Contour’s success is driven by a platform-centric business model, which allows us to be opportunistic in our approach while delivering best-in-class results with every project. Each platform is led by an experienced team with a long-standing track record of success. We leverage research-backed data and industry relationships to identify off-market investment opportunities for ground-up development and value-add properties that are well positioned for substantial growth. Contour’s depth of experience and knowledge allows us to stay ahead of market cycles, design trends, and lifestyle shifts to inform our investment decisions. We specialize in acquisitions and developments in key markets across the United States, including, but not limited to, the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Chicago.
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Distribution Centers

The industrial platform focuses on the ground-up development of warehouse, distribution centers, third party logistics, and light manufacturing spaces located in major and emerging industrial markets.

Communities with Purpose

The company’s Residential Platform spans multiple investment strategies and product types focusing on ground-up development or heavy value-add opportunities. We specialize in suburban multifamily, high-density urban core/infill multifamily, build-to-rent, and senior housing.
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Opportunistic Mixed-Use
Our legacy platform strives to create generational assets, which serve to shape the social and physical landscape for years to come. We focus on larger-scale core and ground-up development opportunities, including hospitality, luxury for-sale residential, and mixed-use developments in urban infill and/or resort markets.
Retail Net Lease
Express Car Washes
Contour’s retail net lease platform focuses on the development of high-tech express washes, a highly fragmented market, that delivers a luxury customer service experience at competitive rates. Contour is currently developing Express Car Washes across the Western United States.
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Development Partnerships
Our co-development/Co-GP platform allows landowners and/or developers to develop new projects backed by Contour’s expertise and credit enhancement. As a co-developer, we’re able to enter deals at an early stage and take advantage of price dislocation, longer-term demographic tailwinds, and substantial build-to-core investment spreads.
Asset Management
Sustaining Value
Contour is committed to long-term preservation of capital and enhancement of property values through third-party portfolio management. Our team ensures the highest levels of quality control and brand integrity spanning all facets of asset management, from streamlining operating costs and increasing efficiencies to identifying and mitigating risks.
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